About the Project

Artist Launchpad

We are working with incredible high-level artists to create unique art that focuses on dark themes that would inspire the Count himself. Art that will revolve around the dark, macabre, mystical, fantastic, sci-fi and gothic themes worthy of the halls of Vladhalla.


We have partnered with numerous known and some of the most talented up and coming artists. We are dedicated to bringing unique art that will tell the tale of Vlad Pepe Drakul and our collective journey to immortality at Vladhalla!

NFT Marketplace

The doors to Vladhalla will open through our marketplace. Bringing the best NFT art on the BSC Chain. Explore new emerging artists and unique works from artists you know.

Tokens of Vlad Finance


What is $VLAD?

The core token of Vlad Finance. A fair-distribution reflect token that yields rewards just for holding it. $VLAD compounds in your wallet automatically. Hold and earn while others buy and sell, thanks to the reflect property. The longer you hold, the more you earn, working your way to immortality.

  • Total Supply - 1,000,000 VLAD
  • Circulating Supply - 000,000
  • Total Burned - 000,000


What is $LIFE?

$LIFE is a limited supply token and is the only way to mint our exclusive Genesis NFTs. It gets you a premium spot in our upcoming marketplace. $LIFE has to be burned to unlock our one of a kind NFT art.

  • Maximum Supply - 414,093.21 LIFE
  • Circulating Supply - 000,000
  • Total Burned - 000,000


What is $aLIFE?

aLIFE is the token used for NFT minting on VLAD Finance's v2 platform. The majority of aLIFE are emitted through our liquidity farming event. Each NFT minted locks a portion of $aLIFE in the NFT to offer immediate liquidity when needed by its owner. Of the NFT sale, a majority is paid out to the original artist and a small portion goes to the treasury for VLAD Finance development funds. $VLAD stakers also share a portion of profits from the sale.

  • Total Supply - 2,050,000 aLIFE
  • Treasury - 254,200 aLIFE
  • Farming Emission - 1,676,900 aLIFE
  • Circulating Supply -


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Unique VLAD NFTs

Be the first to collect and trade the unique VLAD NFTs that started it all. Mint the first Genesis NFTs created by up and coming artists on the Binance Smart Chain.


NFT Minting is Live

Art you can collect, sell or trade anywhere! You can buy and sell VLAD and LIFE on Pancakeswap, while our NFTs will be available on the VLAD Marketplace as well as on Juggerworld. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a unique token type on the Binance Smart Chain network that create verifiable digital scarcity. This means that your collectable VLAD NFTs are unique.

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Yes, We have BURNED the LP token we used for liquidity FOREVER. Proof Here

No but, the team owns a very small portion of VLAD but we HOLD to achieve immortality.

It’s not necessary. Just buy and HOLD and you will receive tokens with each transaction done!